Thursday, September 24, 2009

Character Description of Cheza

Cheza is thirteen years old, female, eyes red, hair pink, but looks purple in pics, blood is poison, status: Flower Maiden.

Cheza was made from a Lunar flower. She is probably the last of her kind. Kiba and the gang first saw Cheza when Darcia had taken her from that research lab where Cher worked at.

Darcia, at that point, was then attempting to take her to his keep via his "plane." As he was heading toward his keep, he was thwarted by other forces. Throughout the whole commotion, it just so happened that Kiba and the gang were in the area, and Kiba knew Cheza was there somewhere. So as Darcia's distracted by the opposition, Cheza escapes the plane-thing by floating down.

Her ability is to guide wolves to Paradise, since she has knowledge of where it is. She also knows how to control plants. She has a special bond with wolves. Kiba is very protective of her and trusts her completely.

She is a young and perky girl who was created through alchemy from the essence of lunar flowers and turned into a human form. Since she is a lunar flower, she needs water and moonlight to survive or she will wilt and die. She joins Kiba and the others to help search for Paradise.

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