Thursday, September 24, 2009

Characters of Wolf's Rain

A proud wolf who despises humans and all things humane, he stayed in his wolf form, searching for the scent of the fabled Lunar Flower. Kiba now searches for paradise.

The lone, strong and silent type of wolf, Tsume has a crossed shaped scar on his chest. He cares for nothing, and nothing cares for him. Or so he'd like to believe. The leader of a gang that hijacks cargo trains, Tsume relies on himself and uses humans for his gain.

An extremely laid-back, no-worries kind of wolf. Before he met the pack, Hige would search around for anything that would sustain his life and make it meaningful, food or women otherwise. While he may seem light-headed, he is quite cunning, and he teaches Kiba all the ways of the humans, while putting his own "touch" in interacting with his fellow pack members.

The youngest wolf, a mere pup, Toboe is the essence of innocence. Although he may be wolf, he was raised by an old woman from birth, eliminating any wolf instinct he would have acquired. Accidentally killing his owner, he wanders to sustain his life.

Cheza was kidnapped by Darcia from a secret lab. Cheza is emotionally connected with the wolves Kiba, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe. She is young and innocent, and ignorant of the evil world around her. She has red eyes, and will supposedly lead the pack to the fabled paradise.

One of three Nobles, Darcia is a man shrouded in mystery. He wears a mask that covers one of his eyes, and it supposedly has disastrous effects when revealed. Darcia kidnapped Cheza from the secret lab, intent to use her to restore life to his lover, Harmona.

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